Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 at Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, UK and US leading Toyota Exporter Dealer

Toyota has released Toyota Landcruiser 70 Compact SUV i in four configurations: Land Cruiser 78 Troop Carrier, Land Cruiser 79 pick-up Truck, Land Cruiser 76 Station Wagon and Landcruiser 71. These are all long wheel base models.

It is available in New Zealand in Right Hand Drive in the following configurations:

RHD Landcruiser Models Jim New Zealand
Toyota Landcruiser 70 pick-up Base Single Cab & Chassis 4.5 L V8 Man w/o HCP VDJ79R (LC79)
Toyota Landcruiser 70 LX pick-up Single Cab & Chassis 4.5 L V8 w/o HCP Manual VDJ79R (LC79)
Toyota Landcruiser 70 Hardleading 3dr Troop Carrier 4.5L V8 Manual VDJ78R (LC78)
Toyota Landcruiser 70 Station Wagon LX Turbo 5dr SUV 4.5L V8 w/o HCP Manual VDJ76R  (LC76) 

It is available at Jim Autos Australia in Right Hand Drive in following configurations:

2012 RHD Land cruiser 70 Jim Autos Australia
Toyota Landcruiser 79 Pick up Workmate Manual
Toyota Landcruiser 78 Hardleading 3 dr Workmate Manual
Toyota Landcruiser 76 Hardleading 5dr Workmate Manual

 L.and Cruiser 70 in Dubai has the following configurations:

LHD Toyota Landcruiser 70 Models at Jim Autos Dubai
Toyota Landcruiser 76 4.2 L Diesel LX 10 with over fenders and winch
Landcruiser 78 4.2L Diesel P/ Carrier 13 Seater Hardleading 2011 White HZJ78L – RJMRSV
2011 Landcruiser 79 4.2 Diesel Pick Up STD AC + DT 2011 w/ Snorkel White HZJ79 – TJMRSV
2011 2012 Landcruiser 79 4.0 V6 Petrol Pick Up LX AC DT (Power Options)

Land Cruiser is available In Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive and in new and used. Right Hand Drive Land Cruiser 70 and Right Hand Drive Land Cruiser 200 are available at our UK, Australia and New Zealand branches while Left Hand Drive Land Cruiser 70 and Left Hand Drive Land Cruiser 200 are on sale at Jim Autos Dubai and Jim Autos United States. Whether you are looking for Australian Land Cruiser, New Zealand Land Cruiser, United Kingdom Land Cruiser, Dubai Land Cruiser, You always get discounted prices on all Land Cruiser models at world's best Toyota Land Cruiser dealer.


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